Getting to the SkullHeart of Skullgirls

Skullgirls Logo, found at
Skullgirls Logo, found at

Skullgirls is an Indie fighting game developed by Reverge Labs, Mike “Mike Z” Zaimont and Alex “o_8” Ahad. Released in 2012, Skullgirls focuses on being an easy introduction into the world of fighting games while maintaining a strong competitive scene. With currently 13 incredibly unique characters and 1 more on the way, Skullgirls has a lot to offer anyone interested in getting into fighting games or even someone already in deep.

Gameplay ; image found at
Gameplay ; image found at

Every character plays completely different from each other; Cerebella and Beowulf are grapplers that need to get close to deal heavy damage, Peacock relies on projectiles and ranged attacks, Parasoul utilizes traps and long pokes, etc. It takes some time to learn them all and find ways to team them up in either 2 or 3 fighter teams, or you can just roll with 1 fighter you know extensively.

The newest character Beowulf
The newest character Beowulf

Personally, I am enjoying the hell out of Skullgirls, especially the newest character, Beowulf. The game is a ton of fun to play, and I would recommend it to anybody who either enjoys fighting games, or would like to get into fighting games.


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