Ready… Fight!!


What better way to start a blog than a rhetorical question? The only better opening would possibly be an introduction of myself as a passionate college freshman, or that this blog will feature personal tips, reviews, and other interesting tidbits about the world of Fighting Video Games.  I could still go back and change the intro, but there is no backing down in this dojo.

Why Fighting Games? I chose fighting games because I follow them rather passionately and feel i can report rather knowledgeably on the material. Also, I can hopefully convince somebody else that fighting games are definitely worth checking out at any opportunity.

What specific pieces will you cover? As mentioned, everything will be personalized. This will include reviews of various fighting games I have experienced, tips for such games, explanation of fighting game lingo, various character summaries, etc. If it relates to fighting games, I will probably cover it!

Who is this for? Honestly, this is mostly for me. I feel the desire to express my specific love for fighting games, and if someone else wants to learn about fighting games? This game will fill them in with everything I know on the matter.

Any other elements you plan to add? While it may seem that fighting games are a very small topic (a subset of Video games in general), I still feel it may be to broad. More blogs may open up for specific games, character reviews, tips, etc. Perhaps even combo videos.

Why “Crounching Light Punch”? The crouching light punch is the fastest move in most fighting games. It is used to combo into bigger attacks for massive damage. I plan to use this site as a “crouching light punch” or intro to a full combo for people to sharpen their knowledge on fighting games.


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